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In Brose Sitech we specialize in complete seat systems, car seat structures and components production, as well as solutions for interconnected car interiors.

Brose Sitech - Interior Solutions. Car seats are the key factor in differentiating the design of car's interior. Seats are the decisive factor shaping the feeling of satisfaction of the owner.

Electromobility, autonomous driving and networked interconnection between systems are changing the demands placed on the interior of the future. Vehicle interiors unfold into a mobile living space. The requirements for comfort and safety are complemented by new and flexible options for individual design.

Almost 5,000 employees of Brose Sitech produce complete sets of seats and their elements for the brands of the Volkswagen Group in Poland, Germany, China and the Czech Republic. These kits are delivered Just-in-Sequence - at the right time and in the right sequence to the production lines.


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We focus on finding new solutions in our research and development centres in Polkowice and Wroclaw.


We deliver our products to many European countries, as well as to China, South Africa, and Argentina.


We constantly develop know-how, technology, and product design.

Production Processes and Products

The heart of the company - production. Brose Sitech sp. z o.o. implements innovative solutions in the production of top-class car seats. Before the product reaches the customer, it goes through a number of production processes.

 Manufactured by Brose Sitech


The first step is forming, during which the steel is subjected to various processes.

 The production process of car seats


Then, the elements are welded through the permanent joining of construction parts made of metal.

Car seats production in Brose Sitech


The coating obtained after the cataphoretic dip painting process provides long-term corrosion protection.

The production process of car seats


The final assembly is the last step in the manufacturing process, where the product is given its final shape.