Our external actions are aimed at creating and maintaining lasting contacts with our stakeholders and the local community. Cooperation with these entities is based on solid foundations - trust and partnership.

Dual education

Taking the example of our western neighbors, we have introduced dual education. A dual education system is nothing more than a combination of theoretical learning and professional practice. Knowing the needs of the labor market, Brose Sitech has implemented dual education both at the level of vocational school and higher education.

In 2007, together with Zespół Szkół (School Complex) in Chocianów, the first class of a vocational school with the "mechatronic fitter" profile was created, and we still educate students in this field. The first practical experience is gained by the students in the second grade of vocational school during their internship. Whereas in the third grade, they stay in the company with the status of a young worker.

Appreciating the benefits of introducing vocational education, in 2015 we implemented a dual system at the level of higher education. We carry out practical education of students in cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, where we are looking for students from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Construction. Our second partner is the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with which we develop and prepare the entire project program.

I'm safe on the move

Building a socially responsible attitude was the foundation for the " I am safe on the move" project. - an educational and awareness campaign on safe car travel. The campaign is addressed to children from primary schools (grades I-III) and kindergartens.

Talks on safe travel are the topic of the classes. In the practical part, the correct fastening of seat belts on simulators with the participation of children is presented. We also discuss the most common mistakes, and in the final phase of the classes, a video showing the effects of driving without wearing seat belts is presented. The feeling that thanks to these meetings, Brose Sitech can really influence the safety of travelling children is invaluable and motivates us to continue.

We invite you to take part in the action!

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