Bearing in mind the further development and growth of the company's innovativeness, we invest in the education of the young generation, therefore, at the stage of vocational school we enable young people to gain practical experience in our company.

A class with a fitter-mechatronics profile was created in Zespół Szkół (School Complex) in Chocianów, and its students started practical vocational training at Brose Sitech sp. z o.o.

By employing young workers, we give them the opportunity not only to earn their first salary, but above all, we develop their valuable skills, thanks to which they become more valuable candidates on the labour market and have a better chance of being employed later on.

Course of education

School education lasts 3 years and during this period students are employed by Brose Sitech sp. z o. o. as young workers. In the first grade, the young workers undergo initial training in our company, and they take theoretical and practical training at their school. However, in the second and third grade they regularly stay at Brose Sitech sp. z o.o. (in the second class - during a 6-week apprenticeship, and in the third class - 2 days a week). During their practical training, young employees are trained in the Training Centre in the basics of ergonomics, work standardization and quality assurance.

How to apply?

In order to take part in the recruitment process it is enough to fill in a CV-online form, which is in current job offers tab.

If you have not found a job offer that relates to your competences, you can apply to our CV database by filling out the CV-online form below.

Should you have any question, please contacts us!

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